No intelligence without goals

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Hutter Prize - Incompressibility of text

The Hutter Prize reflects that we cannot compress natural language by as much as we would expect:

" 1950, Claude Shannon estimated the entropy (compression limit)
of written English to be about 1 bit per character [3]. To date, no
compression program has achieved this level."

It is inspired by the work of Marcus Hutter to show that compression can be used as a functional definition for intelligence.

The idea of the prize is the old one that we (can't predict, and thus

Walter J. Freeman - Observable chaos in EEG studies of the brain.

"Our studies have led us as well to the discovery in the brain of chaos- complex behavior that seems random but actually has some hidden order. The chaos is evident in the tendency of vast collections of neurons to shift abruptly and simultaneously from one complex activity pattern to another in response to the smallest of inputs.

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